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Irene Méndez Andrés

Experience in: TV, Film, Social Media Content and Short Films. As Producer, Line Producer and Production Coordinator


Irene Mendez Andres has developed her work both in Spain and in the USA. Creating own content and helping to create and bring new audiovisual projects to life.

Irene Méndez

My experience also includes lifestyle and street photography. 


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Irene Méndez Andrés

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Irene Méndez Andrés is a Spanish Tv and Film producer who develops her work in Spain and in the United States of America. 

In Television, she focuses her career on the Reality TV format, being this the connection with her work on documentaries. She worked as a producer of several medical reality TV shows: “The good circulation”, “Objetivo: Tu Salud” or “La buena circulación”. These shows are being broadcasted on several majors channels such as CBS, NBC or Telemundo (USA market).


In cinema, Irene works as a freelance producer. Producing different Irene has produced ( “Tinnitus”, “From me to me”, “Almost” or “Lighter and cigarettes”), have been selected in several International Film Festival around the world. Being the last one, “Lighter and Cigarettes”, one of the participants at the Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes, France. And allowing her to participate, and win, in the Nisi Masa Focus CoPro event, along with the Production Company Mammut, presenting the film “Los García”. 


Currently, she is working on the development of several documentaries such as “Los García” and “Agua desgasta roca”. Also, Irene is in the middle of the distribution process of the America-Cuban documentary  “Obini bata”, that has already been selected in Canada and the USA. 

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